What is Options for Life:

The Options for Life agency is a community based day support service that assists people with intellectual and behavioral challenges.

We believe in work! We provide volunteer work opportunities for participants to engage in each day (Monday – Friday). We provide training on how to appropriately access our community, while learning various independent living skills.

What we provide:

The Options for Life agency provides community integration and behavioral support to people with various challenges and needs.

We provide vocational training designed to engage the participants in their community, while teaching them good work habits.

To lessen the number of transitions a person must endure, Options for Life provides our own transportation. Each vehicle is equipped with 1-2 staff and a supervisor. Our staff members use our agency vehicles to pick participants up from their home. We participate in many community activities each day and the same staff accompanies our participants home each afternoon.

For individuals who require more intense supervision and support, our 1:1 support service is available.

We also provide work training with compensation for participants who are wanting to work in the community. This is done by instruction in van maintenance or office clerk positions. We provide an intensive training program. It is our goal that these participants will be provided the tools and skills needed to lead participants into applying for work in their community.

During each week, there is also time for fun activities during the week. Participants choose activities they would like to implement into their schedule like movies, bowling, museums, arcades and a host of other activities of their choice.

We offer massage therapy. Each participant is offered therapeutic chair or table massage from our licensed masseur on a quarterly basis.

Activities going on at Options for Life:

Throughout the year, Options for Life participants engage in various fun activities and sports. Our teams include: Basketball, Softball, Kickball and Bowling. We not only play inter-agency with other participants other but we also enlist other day programs to form teams to play against with us.

Each summer we plan bigger outings for participants to choose, i.e.: Dodger Games, Water Parks, Amusement Parks and Casino Trips.