Options for Life is about getting our participants engaging with the community by means of prevocational work activities, community outings, and various volunteering efforts.

Options for Life in action:

You can see us in action 5 days a week at the Redondo Beach Salvation Army delivering meals to senior citizens through their meals on wheels program. This program instills great work ethics in our participants that need a structured prevocational work activity.

We also partner with various local community organizations:

Weekly Outings

Our team here at Options for Life believe the best way to fully integrate participants into the community is to actually get them into the community and having them working towards making it better.

Weekly Lunch Outing

After seeing the success in the early days of Options for Life of getting participants to order their lunch while in the community we instituted it as a weekly routine. We encourage every participant to bring $5 on Friday to order their meal at local eateries after their prevocational work activity.

We have seen participants go from needing assistance through the different stages of ordering their meal. To being fully capable to place their order, pay for their meal, and get their lunch without assistance.

Sports Activity Program

Options for Life has implemented a sports activity program that includes basketball, softball, bowling and kickball. The participants at Options for Life have formed teams for the respective activities and play other day programs during program hours.

The program was designed to encourage socialization, exercise, comradery and a cost effective way to implement a variety of activities into the participants’ day.